Tim Elfelt - Digital Marketer / Developer

I hack on Ideawake Innovation Software, Angulartics, mean.io and other opensource projects. In another life I was an affiliate marketer / SEO ninja.

Tag: AngularJS

  1. Angulartics rewrite with Angular 2 support

    Thanks to the hard work of João Ribeiro (JonnyBGod), Angulartics2 was released yesterday, with full support for Angular 2 apps, including auto route tracking and the analytics-on directive. Quick feature overview: adopts angular2’s EventEmitter (an observable) each "knownHandlers" is now an event emitter that modules can subscribe to…

    Analytics, Open Source, AngularJS, Development, Angulartics

  2. Angulartics 1.0.0 released

    Angulartics version 1.0.0 was released today. Angulartics has been stable for some time, but today we embrace the 1.0.0 tag. Happy tracking! Changes for 1.0.0: Added devDependency badge Updated all dev deps and fixed karma tests Added userTimings to the known handlers Refactoring -…

    Analytics, Open Source, AngularJS, Development, Angulartics

  3. How to send analytics from Angular to Snowplow

    A few days ago I released angulartics-snowplow, an Angulartics plugin to support Snowplow Analytics pageview and structured event tracking. I don’t have an active Snowplow instance right now, but since the planned Segment→Snowplow integration has been on hold for a while, I thought I’d…

    Analytics, Open Source, AngularJS, Development, Angulartics